Early years of dentistry

We advise new mothers on how to care for their babies oral health and we encourage parents to bring young children for their first visit at around 2 -3 years old. We try to make sure that the first visit leaves a good impression on the young patient.

Growing teeth

We help parents and children understand how to brush effectively and how to eat a healthy diet that will not harm the teeth.

When the permanent molars start to come through we may suggest that the teeth are sealed to prevent decay.

As children grow we make regular checks on the way the teeth erupt so that if necessary the young person can be referred to a specialist orthodontist for advice on the need for tooth straightening.

If school children or students are involved in contact sports it is a good idea to have a custom made mouth guard fitted.

Healthy gums

As we get older it becomes more important to maintain healthy gums. It may be helpful to have a regular visit to our hygienist for scaling and polishing.

Smiling with confidence

When teeth become discoloured cosmetic dentistry can restore the colour and shape of the teeth and give confidence again in smiling.

Missing teeth

There are now many ways to replace a single or multiple missing teeth and this can often be done without a denture.